Ticket Deadline Dates/Latest News/Information

Renewals are now Due for Season 2022 – 2023

From Friday 1st July

Closing Date Sunday 31st August (Midnight)


Deadline Dates must be adhered to, these dates are sent by Arsenal Fc 
Any Applications Received After These Dates Will Be To Late To Order


We are having several members still applying for tickets for friends that are non-members!

The ruling is now and will be unchanging…. 1 ticket application per member only.

As we have previously explained with previous posts Arsenal have told our club that if non club members are found in the club member section, they will ban that person after ejecting them from the ground and then they will take our ability to buy tickets away.. resulting in the closure of our club.

We’re very sorry but our club continuing is more important to us all and to all the members.

If you have a friend or relative that wants to come to a match then that’s fine with us as long as they join our club first.

When applying for tickets, please list all members names that you are applying for.

Thank you very much and I’m sure you would like us want the club to flourish.


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Ticket Rule 17 F  (Reminder)

It is the responsibility of the member who has ordered the ticket(s) to arrange collection from the ticket allocation officer(s), and payment for, any ticket(s) allocated to them. Members ordering tickets for a specific fixture who are subsequently unable to attend that fixture they will be liable for payment if the club is unable to reallocate the ticket(s).